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411 on Island Fresh Eggs

  • Imported eggs are stamped US in red and travels 5 days by ship plus processing and trucking to the docks. 

  • Hawaii farms have adopted safety measures that exceed the national guidelines

  • Eggs produced in Hawaii come from family farms, not large factory farms. Hawaii's flocks are small by comparison and do not require antibiotics. 

  • Hawaii's climate allows flocks to be raised in fresh air houses instead of huge in-door, artificially lit factories. 

Are cardboard egg cartons recyclable?

Producers say that foam cartons protect eggs better and maintain a cold temperature longer, while some environmentalists argue that cardboard cartons, which typically use recycled paper, are themselves recyclable and biodegradable. 


Shaka Moa uses cardboard cartons because not only is it recyclable but you can also use it in your compost and it breaks down faster then plastic. Our environment matters and so should you.

How to look for a fresh egg

BROWN or WHITE? Brown eggs come from brown chickens, and white eggs come from white chickens. Nutritionally, there's no difference, but brown eggs are often a little bigger, have a richer taste and darker colored yolk. That may be because brown chickens are larger than white ones and eat more food. If it seems like brown eggshells are harder to crack, it's probably because they come from younger chicken. 

Eggs are a perfect and whole food. It contains vital protein, nutrients, as well as a wealth of helpful antibodies that mainstream science is only beginning to understand.  

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