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Shaka Moa Eggs (@wfmkahala @melissa808)

We are a small family farm that has been in business since 1998.  We are the first local 'commercial' egg farmers in the state of Hawaii, producing cage-free eggs.  We practice high quality FSIS, and bio-security standards that meet FDA, USDA and GAP (Global Animal Partnership) regulations. As the demand for this product continues to grow we would like to offer our families the availability to buy farm fresh eggs, and our local stores the availability of buying and selling a locally grown and raised, cage-free egg. 


We have no third parties assisting with our daily operation. Birds are raised (from a day old) on our farm by our employees, eggs are hand-picked (3x) daily, gently washed, sanitized, through an industrial egg processing machine using a food grade sanitizer (inspected by DOA quarterly), candled (a process used to discard inedible or off grade eggs) placed in a refrigerator, packed, according to orders, and delivered using our very own Shaka Moa delivery driver.  All of these processes are done by human hands, our employees. We take pride in our practices, and we hope that you can appreciate this too. 

We continue to do what we do because we want our island and community to be self-sufficient and not so dependent on the Mainland.  

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